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A slogan is usually a short phrase that is easy and catchy to remember. They are often used in advertisements and by political parties or organizations who expect people to remember what they are selling. The words used in a slogan are simple, relevant, attractive and brief.
The different types of slogans are:
Advertising slogan: An advertising slogan is a catchphrase that promotes a specific product, service, or programme to its target audience. It could change as business items change, or it could vary due to new advertising initiatives.
Business slogan: A business slogan is a catchy phrase related to their company's overall brand or services.
Creative slogan: Creative slogans are created to help their brand stand out from the crowd. A creative slogan should be one-of-a-kind and specific to their business while yet being simple enough that their target audience understands the message right away.
Descriptive slogan: A descriptive slogan describes what its business does or what it can offer to potential customers in a memorable phrase.
Emotive slogan: Emotive slogans use their product or service to give their audience a specific feeling or to meet an emotional need, such as relaxation, connection, joy, or excitement.
Persuasive slogan: A persuasive slogan seeks to persuade its clients that their brand or products may assist them in solving a certain problem.