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Storytelling is an art that involves planning, research and skill. A good the storyteller makes decisions ahead that drive their stories forward, engage their audience and relate information important to the telling of the story.
There are specific techniques that help narrate a story perfectly. 
  • Remember and recall the plot
  • Create a story frame to remember the key events
  • Self-narrate the story as a rehearsal
  • Change the volume, pitch and tempo of your voice to make the narration effective.
  • Use appropriate facial expressions and gestures.
  • Include questions and answer them during the narration.
  • Retain focus and maintain concentration on what you are narrating
  • Sustain eye contact and grab attention of the audience.
Storytelling is a good exercise to practise in the classroom as it enhances the creativity of students and also brings out their potential in narrating a story interestingly.