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Vartika Joshi: Six is a great number, we were always entertained. We watched  movies, listened to music, and you won’t believe some of the goodies the crew rustled up in our tiny pantry, even while  sailing in rough seas. We made parathas, baked cakes and breads, and even made  halwa and rasgullas!
We celebrated festivals at sea. When we think about it now on land, we remember the Diwali we spent at sea. We celebrated three birthdays including the first birthday of the boat; also specific occasions like crossing the equator, the International Date Line and such.
Interviewer: What motivated you to fulfil the country’s expectations?
Swathi P: We knew that the entire country was watching us and praying for us, so we never wanted them to have a single day thinking that we are in trouble. We knew that it is going to happen but the people out there did not know what kind of challenges we were facing. So, one of the motives that we kept in mind was that we did not want to frighten them. We decided that once the circumnavigating was over, we are going to show what we have actually gone through.
Interviewer: As a woman, how would you consider this expedition?
Vartika Joshi: It is a matter of great honour and we couldn’t have imagined anything better for our cast-off. Of course we being an all-woman team, it is a great boost to women in the country. But, as we are going as sailors, and we as sailors have seen that the sea does not discriminate between genders. It is always gender-neutral and we have realised that gender does not play a role in sailing. But to boost the morale in the country and for more women to take in adventures like sailing, I feel it is great that an all woman team had been formed to undergo this expedition.
Vartika Joshi then stated that six was a great number, according to them. The six crew members in the sailing boat had fun with each other. They watched movies and listened to some good music. Also, she said that people wouldn't believe that the crew members in the boat had cooked well using the small kitchen area in the boat. They baked parathas, cakes, and loaves of bread, as well as halwa and rasgullas! They did it to keep them interested and prevent them from thinking the journey was too difficult to complete.
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Parathas, cake and loaves of bread
Vartika told the interviewer that she and her friends had celebrated festivals at sea. When they were on land, she stated they remembered the Diwali they spent at sea. She also mentioned that they celebrated three birthdays while at sea. The first was INSV Tarini's first birthday. Others included crossing the equator, the International Date Line, and so on.
The interviewer then asked the six crew members what pushed them to live up to the standards of their country. Swathi stated that they were aware that the entire country was watching them on television and mobile devices and praying for the crew members' safety. As a result, they never wanted anyone to believe they were in danger. She also stated that others may have mistakenly assumed they were enjoying the sea voyage because they were playing and having fun. But the crew members were aware of what was going to happen next. People staying out did not know the obstacles they faced during their journey.
The major goal of their voyage was to not make people afraid by showing them their problems. As a result, they kept such things in mind and dealt with them appropriately. They had already determined that once they had travelled across the world and arrived at the land, they would show the people the difficulties they had encountered. This was created to demonstrate how the all-Indian women crew won their sea expedition and show that they did not abandon the task in the middle despite many hurdles.
The interviewer next inquired as to how they perceived this sea excursion as a woman. Vartika Joshi described it as a tremendous honour, and they couldn't think of a greater way to recognise their outstanding achievements. She also stated that the all-India women's crew was a great boost for women worldwide. However, they have learnt as sailors that the water does not distinguish between men and women. It's always gender-neutral, and they have realised that gender doesn't matter in sailing. However, she thought it was great that the all-India women's team was organised to make this expedition to boost confidence in the country and encourage more women to attempt new things, such as sailing. This lesson should motivate every woman to live her own life.
Meanings of the difficult words:
PantryA small room or large cupboard in a house or boat where food is kept
Gender-neutral Suitable for, applicable to, or common to both male and female genders
Discriminate To be able to see the difference between two things or people
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