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Interviewer: How adventurous was your trip?
Vartika Joshi: When we were crossing the Tasman Sea, we witnessed the brilliant Southern Lights from sea. It was rare to watch that in those months, that too from sea. We were absolutely awestruck
as we were not expecting it, to see the entire sky lit up in green light. There was bio-luminescence, dolphins swimming in the wake of the boat like our neighbours and a variety of sea creatures. We spotted a dead sperm whale once and we thought it was an island from a distance, it was so huge. We are not specialists, so whenever we spotted something in the sea, we had to Google it to learn more about the species.
Interviewer: How did your crew spend time deep in the sea?
Swathi P: During circumnavigation, we picked up some hobbies and kept posting pictures of delicacies like golgappas and cakes. We also read books when the weather was pleasant and did some quilling and craft work. While team leader Joshi read comics and the Ramayana during her journey, I loved cooking as well so I indulged in baking. I also liked crafting a lot, so I used to make lampshades. I love it when people appreciate the food that I cook, so I gave my crew members the best dishes that was possible on land with the limited resources that we had on the boat.
The interviewer then inquired as to how adventurous their journey was. Vartika Joshi said they saw beautiful Southern Lights from the water while crossing the Tasman Sea (situated between Australia and New Zealand). She stated that seeing the light during those months was unusual, especially from the sea. Furthermore, she added that they were utterly taken aback when they noticed the entire sky lit up in green light. They were astonished because they had not expected it.
Tasman sea
Meanwhile, a variety of water species and dolphins, like their neighbours, were swimming on the side of the boat. Here the phrase "like their neighbours" means that the dolphins were moving freely without any disturbance in the way. Also, there was the fact that dolphins were friendly with human beings.
Vartika then mentioned seeing a dead whale in the sea. At the same time, she said that it looked like an island from a distance. It was enormous. Meanwhile, she added that they were not specialists since whenever they saw a new creature in the sea, they would instantly google it to learn more about it.
The interviewer then inquired as to how the crew spent their time at sea. After hearing this, another crew member named Swathi P stated that they engaged in numerous hobbies during the circumnavigation and began sharing photographs of items such as golgappas (panipuri) and cakes. When the weather was pleasant, they would spend their time reading novels. They also did quilling and craftwork to keep them interested. Swathi also mentioned that their team leader, Vartika Joshi, was interested in reading comic books and the Ramayana during her travels.
Meanwhile, Swathi told the interviewer about her hobbies. She mentioned that she enjoyed cooking and baking. She also stated that she enjoyed crafting and making lampshades (a cover for a lamp to soften or direct its light). She also enjoyed hearing people's compliments on the food she prepared for them. As a result, she prepared the best dishes that she would cook on land for them. She prepared with the few supplies she could get from their boat.
Meanings of the difficult words:
Awestruck Filled with feelings of admiration or respect
Bio-luminescenceThe biochemical emission of light by living organisms such as glow-worms and deep-sea fish
Quilling The activity of making designs by rolling and shaping narrow strips of paper
Delicacies Something especially rare or expensive that is good to eat
IndulgeAllow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of
Comics A magazine or book that contains a set of stories told in pictures with a small amount of writing
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