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An Interview with the crew members
India’s all-women navy crew who went around the world in 254-days have shared their experiences about their great voyage in an interview. Through their personal experiences, we really come to know their hardships and unpredictable challenges they have faced all through their expeditions.
Interviewer: How well were you acquainted with the sail boat before you took up the task?
Vartika Joshi: None of us was acquainted with a sail boat or ocean-going boat; none of us had sailed before, nor are woman officers allowed entry in combat platforms as yet. At first, it was difficult to take the boat out to sea, from one point to another. But we slowly built upon it through three years of training.
Interviewer: Can you tell us about the training you had undergone before this expedition?
Vartika Joshi: We started with some theoretical courses on navigation, communication and weather prediction. Classroom courses are different from sailing outside. So, we were given hands-on training, like, how to repair things and how to deal with emergencies, when the weather gets rough, if there is a medical emergency, and training was needed in tactical aspects as well.
When the all-India women's crew arrived in Goa, an interview was held with the crew members. The women crew members who navigated the world in 254 days shared their extraordinary adventure in the interview. Through their interview, people understood the struggles and unanticipated hurdles the crew members faced throughout their journey.
An interviewer then inquired how familiar they were with the sailboat before starting the work. Vartika Joshi (the leader of the All India women crew) responded by saying that none of them had ever seen a sailboat or an ocean-going vessel. Furthermore, she added that none of them had ever sailed before, and female officers were not permitted to operate on combat platforms. The Naval Combat Management System is a software-intensive system that must be adjustable to function in a complicated naval fighting situation. She also mentioned that transporting the boat from one spot to another at sea was difficult. Vartika further mentioned that after three years of training, they improved on it steadily.
After hearing Vartika Joshi's response, the interviewer asked her to clarify their training before starting the expedition. Vartika went on to say that they began with theoretical courses in navigation, communication, and weather forecasting. She stated that classroom classes were not the same as sailing outside in a boat. Furthermore, she stated that students were given practical courses such as repairing objects and coping with emergency situations. She also added that they had provided special training for dealing with weather changes, helping a person in a medical emergency, and escaping from the situation.
Meaning of the difficult words:
Hardship Severe suffering or privation
Unpredictable Not able to be predicted; changeable
InterviewA meeting in which someone answers questions about themself for a newspaper article, television show
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