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Aishwarya: We underwent our basic sail training courses in Mumbai at the Indian Naval Waterman ship Training Centre (INWTC), and at various schools in the southern naval base in Kochi. We even sailed on INSV Mhadei to Mauritius (in 2016 and 2017) and back and also to Cape Town in December 2016. We were trained for almost three years to prepare for the voyage. Since the boat was old, it had minor leaks and repairs. Also, we ran out of water and food soon. So the trip was a tutorial for us on how to manage food, water and even electricity during the big voyage.
Interviewer: What was the selection process? 
Aishwarya: Out of the thirty women who had applied, six of us were shortlisted, based on the little survival skills we showcased. The crew was mentored by Commander Dilip Donde. But after I was told about the flare-ups at sea, I even had second thoughts about joining the team.
After Vartika Joshi completed her training experience, Aishwarya began to narrate the remaining events of the expedition. Aishwarya added that they went through the basic sail training course in Mumbai. The training took place at the Indian Naval Watermanship Training Centre (INWTC) and several schools in Kochi's southern naval facility. She also stated that they sailed on INSV Mhadei to Mauritius from 2016-2017 and Cape Town in December 2016.
All-women crew sails into Port Louis, Mauritius on INSV Mhadei*
In addition, Aishwarya stated that the Indian women crew members spent over three years in training to prepare for the expedition. As they travelled in the old boat, it had minor leaks and repairs. Also, they underwent lack of water and food. Through this training, they learned how to manage food, water, and even electricity during the big journey.
The interviewer then asked them how was the selection process and how they got selected in the particular field. After hearing that, Aishwarya stated that thirty women applied for the same position. Out of thirty women, the six members were shortlisted for the position. They were shortlisted based on the survival skill they showcased during their training. The crew was mentored by Commander Dilip Donde. He was the first Indian solo captain who travelled worldwide in an India-built sailboat INSV from August 19, 2009 to May 19, 2010. After hearing about the violence or outburst at sea, Aishwarya thought about joining the team.
Meanings of the difficult words:
ShowcaseTo show the best qualities or parts of something
ShortlistA list of people who have been judged the most suitable for a job or prize
Survival The state of continuing to exist, and not to fail or be destroyed
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