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Interviewer: How did your family members react when you told them about this expedition?
Vartika Joshi: Our families did have a hard time, but that was because most of them had never even seen the sea! Four of us are from the mountains. The first time my parents saw the ocean was when  I invited them to visit. But once they saw that we’re doing well and looking after ourselves, they were quite supportive. They were apprehensive and supportive too.
Interviewer: What were your aims and how did you work to achieve them?
Vartika Joshi: I wanted to make sure that I complete this journey with ultimate honesty. I didn’t set out for a destination; it was the journey that mattered to me the most. So my contention was to make sure that we go by the rules of circumnavigation which say that you don’t have to use any auxiliary means of repulsion and you don’t have to take anybody else’s assistance. I grasped that completely.
The interviewer then asked the crew members how their family members reacted when they told them about their journey in the sea. Vartika Joshi then stated that their families had a hard time knowing about their decision. They were sad because most of their family had never seen the sea before. She also stated that four of the six crew members were from the mountain regions, and her parents had seen the sea for the first time when she invited them to come over there. However, once they saw the crew members were doing well and caring for each other, their parents were really supportive towards their daughters' profession. Also, their parents were both anxious and supportive in the field they chose.
The interviewer then asked them what their aim was and how they worked towards achieving it. Vartika Joshi said that she wanted to make sure that she had completed the sea adventure in the most honest way. She also stated that she did not set out a destination; instead, the voyage was more important to her. She made an argument that they should follow the principles of circumnavigation, which stated that they don't have to utilise any supplementary methods of resistance or rely on anyone else's help. All the things they had to do by themselves. Later, she said that she had learned everything completely.
Meanings of the difficult words:
DestinationThe place where someone is going or where something is being sent or taken
Contention The act of competing in order to win something or to achieve a position of leadership
GraspTo understand something, especially something difficult
AssistanceThe action of helping someone by sharing work
Repulsion Strong dislike or disapproval
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