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Interviewer: Name that one quality of yours that enabled you to complete this expedition successfully? 
Vartika Joshi: Whenever the winds dropped, it wouldn’t have taken me even a fraction of second to switch on the engine and say let’s go one mile ahead. But inside of me something poked me and said that you have to be honest with yourself and this expedition has to be done with honesty. I am glad that we were able to finish it successfully without the use of the engine at all.
Interviewer: As the head of the crew,  how did you involve the team?
Vartika Joshi: We’ve all sailed and trained the same amount, and everybody has their own way of dealing with situations, but that was a good thing, because we could discuss different ways of solving a problem and choose the best one. In fact, I’d say it was easier for us to collaborate and work together.
The interviewer next asked Vartika Joshi to describe one of her qualities that assisted her in completing the journey. Vartika Joshi stated that if the wind were calm, it would have taken her only a fraction of a second to start the engine and say, "Let's drive one mile ahead." On the other hand, she stated that her intuition had instructed her to complete the voyage honestly. According to the training, they should not use the engine oil unnecessarily. Later, she told the interviewer that they completed the expedition without engine oil.
As the crew's leader, the interviewer then questioned Joshi on engaging the team. Vartika Joshi went on to say that they all sailed and trained the same amount of time. She also mentioned that everyone in the boat had their own way of dealing with things. She also stated that it was beneficial since it allowed them to talk and find the best answer whenever a problem arose. Furthermore, she remarked that collaborating and working together was easy for them.
Meanings of the difficult words:
Collaborate Work jointly on an activity or project 
InterviewerThe person who asks the questions during an interview
Quality A distinctive characteristic possessed by someone or something 
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