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     I never thought I’d be able to do one GCSE in my life, but I’m going to do two. And I feel like I want to push myself even further. Kim says technology can help me do that, it is opening up the world for young disabled people like me.
     There are many different types of technology that can help a young disabled person become independent. For example, if someone has very limited movement they can control a computer screen with Eye Gaze. That means when they’re reading they can move from page to page using the pupils of their eyes. They don’t need to press a button or anything.
Alisha initially found studying one GCSE difficult, but after learning about Dragon Dictate, she was confident in her ability to complete two GCSEs. It was because Alisha was so secure in herself that she wanted to put more effort into her studies and obtain higher grades. According to Kim, Alisha can achieve anything she desires in her life with the help of technology because it aids people with disabilities like her. Kim's motivation boosted Alisha's self-assurance even more.
Do you have any idea that there are numerous sorts of technology that can assist a young disabled person in becoming independent? Eye Gaze, for example, can be used to control a computer screen by someone with limited movement, as to how a regular computer user would use a mouse to manage their computer, like scrolling. That implies they can use their eye pupils to go from page to page while reading. They are not required to press any buttons. They will be able to perform things for themselves without the assistance of others.
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