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     Just one person, Kim, works with all 42 students here at my school and helps us use technology in different ways. She’s amazing. I don’t know what we’d do without her we’d lose out on so many  opportunities.
     It has opened up the world to me.
     21 - year - old David says, “Technology is very important because it enables me to communicate and be independent, which gives me freedom.
     For verbal communication, David uses a Liberator Communication Device, which he controls with his eye movements. It has a Bluetooth adaptor, so it lets him use any PC or Mac by sending commands through the Liberator.
Alisha compliments her teacher Kim for assisting all \(42\) young disabled students at her school in using technology in a variety of ways. Alisha was astounded by her kind, helpful behaviour, and she and her friends would have missed out on all opportunities if they hadn't met Kim. It's because Alisha and other disabled kids would not have known about the benefits of technology if it hadn't been for her instructor Kim. Alisha believes that technology has opened up the entire world to her.
Another individual named David, like Alisha, shares his technological experience. David was a 21-years old disabled person. He, like Alisha, believes that technology has enabled him to be self-dependent and free. Technology is crucial to David because it allows him to communicate with other people.
David communicated verbally with people using the Liberator Communication Device, which he controlled with his eyes. It has a Bluetooth adaptor to assist people with limited speech in getting a say. He can now transmit orders to any PC or Mac as a result.
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