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     David has 144 icons on the screen that he uses with ECO point Eye Gaze. When David first tried this access method, his response was “I like it, it makes me faster, when can I have one?” Now David uses his ECO2 and ECO point to access the curriculum, study for his GCSE, order food and communicate while he is in restaurants and argue with his brother. You name it, David can communicate it!

     David will now use his ECO2 to speak in complete sentences with correct syntax. It has increased the number of words he uses meaningfully and comment socially using the language of his peers, thereby becoming a confident and competent communicator. David has recently been working on idioms with his SLT, his latest being ”Mum has got a lot on her plate!” David is also an advocate to other students who use AAC and shows them how easy it is to communicate using the AC method.



On the screen, David had roughly \(144\) icons that he uses with ECO point Eye Gaze. David appreciated the ECO2 with ECO point when he started using it because it allowed him to communicate more quickly. While he used the software ECO2 and ECO point for a few things at first, he began to use it to access the curriculum, study for his GCSE, order food and communicate while in restaurants, and quarrel with his brother, and it became a part of his daily routine as he used it for his everyday activities. David was able to communicate with anybody and everything he could think of using this ECO2 and ECO point.


David had also begun to use ECO2 to speak using complete sentences with correct syntax after a period of time. The 'arrangementof words and phrases in a language to make well-formed sentences' is referred to as 'syntax.' One advantage is that it had exceeded the quantity of words used by David, and those words appeared to be precise and significant.


David seems to be a more confident and skilled communicator as a result of his use of more meaningful language while expressing his comments. That was not the end of David's story. After some time, he began working on using the software to communicate idioms. "Mum has a lot on her plate!" for example, which indicates "Mum had enough work to do because she was occupied with so many responsibilities." He also assists those who use AAC and explains how simple it is to communicate with anyone using AAC.


Meaning of difficult words:


Access  Approaching or entering something
CurriculumThe courses taught by school or a college
PeerSomeone at your equal level
Advocate Someone who supports or suggests an idea
State Council of Educational Research and Training (2018). English Standard-10. Tech Bloomers (pp. 126-130). Published by the Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation.