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     When David first started out with AAC, he used a head switch to access his AAC device running a page - based system, which took lots of navigation and required a lot of effort combined with switching.
     He now uses an ECO2 with ECO point, making his selections with a foot switch once he has fixed his gaze on the icon that is required. He has a smaller communication aid. It has been mounted on his walker. It is essential that much of his spare time is spent in the performing arts! David is also a keen sportsman, regularly playing football, boccia, hockey and baseball. He is a sports leader and uses his ECO2 linked to an interactive white board to teach PE lessons.
When David initially started using AAC, he utilised a head switch to access a page-based system on his AAC device, which required a lot of navigating and effort when combined with switching. David had to put in a lot of effort to make this system work. However, after some time, David began to use ECO2 in connection with the ECO point, an eye-controlled scanning communicator.

So, instead of using AAC, which requires a lot of effort, ECO2 with ECO point might be used to make his selections using a foot switch once he has set his sight on the needed icon. He also has a smaller communication device attached to his walker.
David was a sports leader and spends a lot of time in sports. He participated in football, boccia, hockey, and baseball on a regular basis. He utilised his ECO2 linked to an interactive white board to give PE sessions because he was a sports leader.
Boccia is an indoor game that may be played in a chair or a wheelchair. Players must remain in their player boxes while tossing the ball. The "ends" of a boccia game are the pieces that make up the game. An end resembles a round in which each team throws six balls at the other. If there are two athletes playing, each will throw six balls.
Meaning of difficult words:
NavigateTo find a direction
Interactive Involving direct communication on both sides
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