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Message writing is a skill that has its own particular way of moving and being put into a piece of paper or digital media. The message writer has to have a very particular way of using the words in their writing, and sometimes it is hard to get that right.
We can think of this like teaching a child how to talk. If a teacher had to write a letter to a child they are trying to teach, they would likely have to find a way to let the child know what they meant by different words and how to use them to say their message.
If a writer can learn how to say a message in the way a reader wants to hear it, the message will definitely reach. When a writer uses words to say a message, they should make sure the words are right, and they should match the message they want to get across.
Message writing in the context of information security is the process of publishing messages to be delivered to the intended audience. There are many ways that messages are published, including Email Websites, Twitter, Mobile applications etc. Messages can also be sent through other communication channels, such as Skype and Facebook Messenger.