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     Have you ever wished you were better informed? Managing entertainment and home appliances by voice commands or by swapping the finger is a reality now. Getting bored by the program you watch on TV? Just tell your smart TV that you want to view your social feed instead. If you are struck in a traffic jam, just let your kettle make some tea for you which you can sip, piping hot, the moment you reach home. Your entire water and energy management can be taken care by automating all the activities.
     Technology has not only made a normal person’s life easier but it is also a boon to citizens with special needs. India is home to 2.7 crore people living with one or the other kind of disability. According to the 2011 Census, 2.21 percent of India’s population is disabled. Unlike the developed world, India’s disabled are deprived by attitudinal barriers as they continue to grapple with the challenges of access, acceptance and inclusion.
Not only does technology work with kitchen appliances and consumable products, but it also works with your home appliances, entertainment appliances, and so on. For example, controlling home appliances or entertainment appliances can now be done with your voice or simply by swapping your finger.
Example1, if we become bored with a television programme, we can ask our smart TV to switch it over to a social media site using voice commands.
Example 2: If you're stuck in traffic, you can use your voice command to tell your kettle to make you some tea so you can relax while driving home. Not just a cup of tea, but the complete water and energy management may be handled with the help of technology by automating all of the processes.
Technology had made our lives easier and simpler, and it had been a blessing not only to ordinary people but also to those with special needs.
Do you know? In India, there are \(2.7\) crore people who are disabled in some way. According to the \(2011\) Census, \(2.21\) percent of India's population is disabled. Disabled people in India confront attitudinal challenges as they struggle with issues of access, acceptability, and involvement, in contrast to those in developed countries.
Meaning of difficult words:
Deprived Lacking something
BarrierAn obstacle that prevents something
Grapple Refers to a struggle or difficulty in working with something
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