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     Have you ever thought that your refrigerator can order stuff on its own? Well, anything which is below a pre-defined limit or below certain threshold, can be self-ordered by the appliance. Your refrigerator can directly link to the ecommerce site and order for milk if it is about to be exhausted. Consumable products such as ink cartridges may be capable of self-ordering replacements when the current level falls below a certain threshold.
Thanks to technological advancements, even non-living beings such as machines may now order things on their own. Yes, it is indeed true. Now, your refrigerator can place orders independently through technology. The word 'threshold' in this context refers to a limit. If a refrigerator is linked to an ecommerce site, anything that goes below a pre-defined limit in the refrigerator can be determined and ordered by the refrigerator on its own from the site.
Example No. 1: If the milk in the refrigerator is about to run out, or if someone has set a limit, such as half a litre, one litre, or more, then the refrigerator will automatically order milk if the milk level goes below the stated limit.
Example No. 2: Similar to the first example, if ink cartridges in printers were ready to run out, it could self-order a new set of ink cartridges.
Technology has made the aforementioned instances possible in today's world. Our lives have become simpler and easier as a result of technological advancements.
Meaning of difficult words:
ThresholdRefers to level or limit of something
Exhausted Refers to tiredness or emptiness
Consumable A commodity that needed to be replaced often
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