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It's a crucial skill when it comes to making presentations, conducting interviews or simply conveying your ideas to others around you at work or home! Speak clearly and slowly, without rushing. If you speak fast, most people won't be able to follow what you say because they won't have time to process what you are saying! Slow down when speaking so that everyone around you has time to hear what you say.
Speak slowly: There's no better way to make someone listen to what you have to say and not give up before you get to the point. And no easier way to make them believe you know what you're talking about and not just to hear you out. When you speak slowly, you slow down the listener's thinking process. It's the difference between going quickly to the end of a thought and pausing long enough for people to consider what you have to say before they move on to the next thing. You don't even have to stop speaking. You just need to go slower.
Do not confuse the listener: You can also speed up if needed for emphasis – but don't overdo this as it will only confuse the listener who is trying to understand what you are saying! Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to prepare for each presentation before you begin talking about it; if you're running late, then start with an introduction and build from there rather than starting straight away with the actual topic in hand (unless it's something you know well!). Try to avoid last-minute preparation and instead make a note of all the things you want to talk about in advance of the event.
Use Simple Language: When speaking to someone, make sure you use simple language and avoid jargon or technical terms as much as possible! It makes sense to communicate with others using their own words, not yours!
Break your ideas: You can still explain complex concepts by breaking them into more easily understood pieces. Use short sentences and break long ones up into smaller ones: keep your messages focused on one thing rather than being overloaded with information.
Additional Tips: In addition, keep in mind that if you have an accent or difficulty pronouncing certain words, you can always look up a phrasebook or dictionary to familiarize yourself with the way in which English is spoken in different regions or use your smartphone, laptop to check how those words are being pronounced!