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Article writing is creating non-fictitious text about current or recent news. It can be items of general interest or specific topics. They are published in print forms, such as newspapers and magazines. Article writing is a skill that needs to be practised.
Steps involved in writing an article:
1. Decide the theme: Choose an interesting, relevant or a current issue.
2. Decide the title: The title suggests the core idea of the article. It has to be brief and captivating, kindling the reader's interest.
3. Form an outline: Forming an outline of the article is essential. It can be done in three steps:
  • Introduction
  • Body
  •  Conclusion
4. Draft the content: When your outline is complete, start expanding on the title.
5. Edit it: Never submit an article in its first draft. Revise the article until it expresses your thoughts completely. Edit it and correct the errors.
6. Final Reading: Once the article is edited, Please give it a final reading. Check if it adheres to the requirements.
Imagine you are Arjun / Anjana. Write an article on the causes and effects of pollution.
In India, pollution is a significant problem. Pollution is anything introduced into the environment that negatively or poisonous influences living beings. It is a significant concern for the entire world. It is an impurity in the natural environment that damages all living things on the planet. Pollution has always had negative consequences, whether in the air, ground, noise, or water. India is the world's largest user of fuel, wood, agricultural waste, and biomass for energy, resulting in millions of tonnes of pollutants released into the atmosphere each year. Factories harm the environment by emitting fossil fuels into the atmosphere. The main reason for the monsoon's delay is air pollution.
In industries, steps must be taken to clean smokestacks and exhaust pipes. Vehicles must be checked regularly and thoroughly maintained. We have the option of using renewable or alternative energy sources. Using renewable and sustainable energy sources helps to reduce pollution. Raising awareness is a preventative measure for pollution. As responsible citizens, we must contribute freely to the decrease of air pollution. Ecological difficulties are an inherent aspect of the environmental challenges that India faces. As a result, it is time for us to take drastic measures to reduce pollution. It's time to get started.