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     ‘Silver is now thirty times costlier than before.
     ‘Really? I had no news of that. But …’
     Sasanka uncle looked at the fifteen ten-rupee notes in his hand and then looked at Aditya. There was a completely new expression on his face. He said, ‘Aditya, this smacks too much of charity. Doesn’t it?’
     We remained silent. Peering intently at Aditya, Sasanka Sanyal smiled and said, ‘I had recognised you at Nagen uncle’s tea shop by that mole on your right cheek. I could see you had not recognised me. So I recited the same poem that I had recited on the prize-giving day, on purpose, so that you may remember. Then, when you came to visit me, I couldn’t help venting my anger on you.’
     ‘You have done the right thing. Your grievances are absolutely justified. But I will be happy if you accept the money,’ said Aditya.
     Sasanka Sanyal shook his head and said, ‘No. Money will soon be spent. I would have preferred to have the medal if it were possible. I would have forgotten that unpleasant incident of my childhood  if I could get the medal back.’
     So, the medal that had been hidden in the attic for twenty-nine long years was eventually restored to its owner.
     ‘Sriman Sasanka Sanyal – Special Prize for Recitation - 1948’ was still clearly engraved on it.
Aditya then remarked that silver was now thirty times more expensive than it had been previously. Sasanka said he was unaware of the news. Sasanka uncle turned to face Aditya after looking at the fifteen ten-rupee notes in his palm. His face had taken on a completely different look. He told Aditya that the money he had given him appeared to be offered with a sense of compassion.
After hearing that, Aditya and the narrator didn't say anything. Sasanka uncle stated he had seen Aditya in Nagen uncle's tea shop and recognised him by the mole on his right cheek. Furthermore, Sasanka stated that he was aware that Aditya had not recognised him, so he delivered the same poetry he had recited on the day of the prize-giving ceremony. He did that to remind Aditya of the previous incident and himself. Then he said he couldn't control his rage when Aditya came to meet him.
Aditya afterwards stated that Sasanka had made the correct decision. His grievances were quite understandable. He then stated that he would be pleased if Sasanka took the money, but Sasanka then stated the money would be spent as soon as possible instead. He would have wanted to accept the medal if possible. He further stated that if he could reclaim the medal, he would have forgotten about the horrible incident from his childhood. The medal was preserved in the attic for two decades and eventually returned to its rightful owner. The phrases 'Sriman Sasanka Sanyal – Special Prize for Recitation – 1948' was still engraved on the medal.
Meanings of the difficult words:
Expression The act of saying what you think or showing how you feel using words or actions
Recognise Officially accepted as being of a particular standard
CheekThe soft part of your face that is below your eye and between your mouth and ear
Mole A small, dark, permanent spot or lump on a person’s skin
Venting To express negative emotion in a forceful and often unfair way
EngraveTo cut words, pictures, or patterns into the surface of the metal, and stone
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