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     ‘What is it?’ he asked.
     ‘Money? How much money?’
     'One hundred and fifty rupees. He has said that he will be happy if you accept it.’
     ‘Shall I laugh or cry? Aditya has given me money! Why this sudden generosity?’
     ‘Man does change with time. Perhaps Aditya is not the same Aditya as before?’
     ‘A change? I got the prize. He could not bear it. He took it from me to show his father and never returned it to me. Said that there was a hole in his pocket and it had fallen through it.’
     ‘This is the price of the medal. It is yours.’
     Sasanka Sanyal was amazed. He stared at Aditya and said, ‘The price of the medal? That could not be more than five rupees. It was a silver medal.
After seeing the packet, Sasanka uncle asked Aditya, 'What is it? Aditya then responded that it was money. Sasanka then asked him how much money was there inside that packet. Later, Aditya responded, 'One hundred and fifty rupees'. He said that Aditya would be happy if he accepted the money. After hearing that, Sasanka uncle asked him whether he had to cry or laugh at that moment after thinking about his gift. Then he enquired him why Aditya had sudden generosity over him.

Aditya then responded that people would change gradually. He also stated that Aditya was not the same as before. After hearing this, Sasanka inquired how he had changed after all these years and began to tell an old story that had occurred years before. Sasanka informed Aditya that he had won a prize, but Aditya couldn't bear it. As a result, he requested him to give the medal to him so that he could show it to his father. Aditya, on the other hand, never returned the award. He also said that his pocket had a hole in it and something had fallen through it.

Later, Aditya explained that the amount represented the medal's cost and that the actual worth should have belonged to Sasanka. Sasanka was taken aback when he heard it, and he looked at Aditya and remarked that it was a silver medal and that the cost of the silver medal would not exceed five rupees.
Silver medal
Meanings of the difficult words:
GenerosityA willingness to give help or support, esp. more than is usual or expected
MedalA small metal disk was given to someone to recognize a brave action or special service, or the winning of a competition esp. in sports
AmazedExtremely surprised
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