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A formal letter is written in a formal language, in the stipulated format, for official purposes. The tone is business-like, neutral and serious. A letter of enquiry is a formal letter written to get more details/information about something. In this letter, the word limit should not exceed 200 words. It is used to enquire and get details to purchase an item, know about a course for study, a place for a trip, etc. It must include sender's details.
Features of a formal letter:
1. A formal enquiry letter is written for official purposes.
2. The tone of the letter is serious.
3. It should be crisp, clear - avoid unnecessary details.
4. It should be strictly in accordance with the given format.
5. Use of colloquial words, abbreviations and slang language should be restricted while writing a formal letter.
6. The subject line is very important in a formal enquiry letter.
The Format of a Formal Enquiry Letter is as follows:
1. Sender’s address: The address and contact details of the sender are written here. Include an email and phone number, if required or if mentioned in the question.
2. Date: The date is written below the sender’s address after Leaving one space or line.
3. Receiver’s address: The address of the recipient of the mail (the officer/principal / Editor) is written here.
4. The subject of the letter: The main purpose of the letterforms the subject. It must be written in one line. It must convey the matter for which the letter is written.
5. Salutation (Sir / Respected Sir / Madam)
6. Body: The matter of the letter is written here. It is divided into 3 paragraphs as follows -
Paragraph \(1\): Introduce yourself and the purpose of writing the letter in brief.
Paragraph \(2\): Give detail of the matter.
Paragraph \(3\): Conclude by mentioning what you expect. (For example, a solution to your problem, to highlight an issue in the newspaper, etc).
7. Complimentary Closing/ Subscription.
Mrs. Vimala 342
Annai Theresa street
4th August 2019
The Manager
Digital Electronics
Subject: Enquiry about damage replacement–regarding.
Madam / Sir,
Last year, I purchased a new Lenovo laptop in your shop during the New year's offer.  Now, the laptop's display is damaged. So I need to know whether there is any free replacement  coverage or warranty period that covers the cost of repair. Please, let me know the best way  to address this issue.
Thank you
Yours faithfully,