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Alphonse Daudet was born in Nimes, France on May \(13\), \(1840\). He was a French short-story writer and novelist. He was remembered chiefly as the author of sentimental tales of provincial life in the south of France.
Alphonse's father, Vincent Daudet, was a silk manufacturer, and he was troubled by tragedy and failure throughout his life. At the age of \(14\), Alphonse composed his first poetry and novel. In \(1856\), he left Lyon, where he had spent most of his schooldays. He worked as a school teacher at Ales, Gard, in Southern France. The job was awful, and Alphonse Daudet subsequently admitted that he would wake up terrified months after leaving Ales, believing he was still among his noisy students. These experiences were reflected in Alphonse's novel "Le Petit Chose". Later, Alphonse Daudet married Julia Allard in January 1867. She was also a talented writer. They had two sons, Leon and Lucien, and a daughter, Edmee.
Alphonse Daudet*
Some of his works are,
  • The Last Lesson
  • Robert Helmont
  • Le Nabab
  • Sapho
  • Port-Tarascon
Alphonse Daudet passed away on \(16\ \)December \(1897\).