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     ‘And then?’
     ‘Then, Sir, I shall really have discovered the absolute’.
     ‘And the results of that discovery?’
     ‘It will be to make the creation of all forms of matter easy – stone, wood, metal,  fibrin ….’
     ‘Are you saying you’re going to be able to construct a human being?’
Mr. Francis was quite interested in the project that the young man was explaining to him. As a result, Francis asked him for further information on the project's specifics. The young man was certain he'd find what he was looking for. Francis was impressed and inquired what the outcome of his discovery would be, to which the young man replied that he could make all types of matter with his discoveries, including stone, wood, metal, fibrin, and so on. Francis was pleased and asked the young man if he could build a human being as well if he succeeded in making anything.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
AbsoluteVery great
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