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     ‘Complete… The only thing missing will be the soul!’
     Francis Bennett assigned the young fellow to the scientific editorial department of his journal.
     A second inventor, using as a basis some old experiments that dated from the 19th century, had the idea of moving a whole city in a single block. He suggested, as a demonstration, the town of Saaf, situated fifteen miles from the sea; after conveying it on rails down to the shore, he would transform it into a seaside resort. Francis Bennett, attracted by this project, agreed to take a half-share in it.
When Francis asked the young man if he could make a human being, the young man said that he could create a full human being with the exception of one thing: the soul. In a nutshell, Francis and the young man were talking about a 'robot.'
Francis Bennett was so fascinated by the ideas that the young guy told him that he immediately appointed him to his journal's scientific editorial section.
Francis then met a second inventor. He developed the idea of shifting an entire city into a single block based on some historical experiments from the nineteenth century. He also claims that he can demonstrate his point with an example. He could move the town of Saaf, which was fifteen miles from the sea and make it into a seaside resort by transporting it on trains down to the beach. Francis was interested in this initiative and agreed to put invest half a share in it.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
DemonstrationAn act or process of proving something
ResortA place where people go on a vacation
JournalA newspaper or a magazine
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