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     The proposals heard and dealt with, Francis Bennett went to stretch himself out in an easy-chair in the audition-room. Then, pressing a button, he was put into communication with the Central Concert. After so busy a day, what charm he found in the works of our greatest masters, based on a series of delicious harmonico algebraic formulae! During his meal, phonotelephotic communication had been set up with Paris. 


     ‘When do you expect to get back to Centropolis, dear Edith?’ asked Francis Bennett.


     ‘I’m going to start this moment’.


     ‘By tube or aero-train?’


     ‘By tube’.


     ‘Then you’ll be here?’


     ‘At eleven fifty-nine this evening’.


     ‘Paris time?’


     ‘No, no! … Centropolis time’. 


     Goodbye then, and above all don’t miss the tube!’
After finishing the day's work and dealing with the new project offers, Francis Bennett reclined in an easy chair in the audition room. By pressing a button, he was able to connect to the Central Concert. He was glad and delighted to listen to such a pleasant musical event conducted by experienced musicians after such a hectic day. Here, 'a series of delicious harmonico algebraic formulae!' refers to the melody music does not change to different keys but rather travels in the same phase, resulting in music that harmonises with the scale's basic note (harmonic) that is pure. This music has much more harmony than conventional Western music, and even though there are no lyrics in these melodies, they have great meaning and purpose, which will deeply touch your heart once you start playing them! This is true music for your soul!
Then Francis got ready for dinner, and as is usual, he set up a phonotelephotic communication system to talk to his wife Edith Francis during his meal. During their talk, Francis inquired about her return to Centropolis, to which she said that she would begin right then. She'd also tell him she'd be taking the tube rather than the aero-car. She was certain that she would arrive in Centropolis at \(11:59\) p.m. local time. Francis bids Edith farewell after inquiring about her journey and assuring her of arrival. and cautions her not to miss the tube.
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