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     These submarine tubes, by which one travels from Paris in two hundred and ninety-five minutes, are certainly much preferable to the aero-trains, which only manage six hundred miles an hour.


     Francis Bennett, very tired after so very full a day, decided to take a bath before going to bed. There was always a bath already in the office. He touched the button. A rumbling sound began, got louder, increased … Then one of the doors opened and the bath appeared, gliding along on its rails …
Submarine tubes are closed ships that travel inside the sea. Mrs. Francis chose to travel by submarine tubes from Paris because they were faster than aero-trains. The author had also mentioned that people could reach Centropolis from Paris in about two hundred and ninety-five minutes, which is much preferable to aero-trains. It was because one can travel only six hundred miles through aero-trains in an hour compared with Submarine tubes. 
The above information brings out the other two travelling technologies, which were aero-trains and submarine tubes, apart from aero-cars
Francis decides to take a bath before going to bed after a long day's work, though he always has a regular bath in his office. When he clicked a button during his bath, a machine assisted him. The sound of a rumble began, grew louder, then intensified. Finally, the bath appeared, gliding along on its rails, via one of the doors. Hence, the author concludes his story. 
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
GlideTo move smoothly without noise
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