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     At that moment the clock struck twelve. The director of the Earth Herald left the hall and sat down in a rolling armchair. In a few minutes he had reached his dining room half a mile away, at the far end of the office.
     The table was laid and he took his place at it. Within reach of his hand was placed a series of taps and before him was the curved surface of a phonotelephote, on  which appeared the dining room of his home in Paris. Mr and Mrs Bennett had  arranged to have lunch at the same time  – nothing could be more pleasant than to be face to face in spite of the distance, to  see one another and talk by means of the  phonotelephotic apparatus.
Francis was getting ready for lunch at twelve o'clock in the afternoon. Francis, the director of Earth Herald, sat on a moving armchair outside the advertisement hall. And, what a miracle, the rolling chair took him away to the dining room, which was half a mile away and at the far end of the office.
Francis then took a seat at the previously prepared table. His hand could reach a number of taps, and in front of him was the curved surface of a phonotelephote, which showed his Paris dining room. Nothing could be more enjoyable than meeting someone face to face despite the distance, as said before. According to the author, the phonotelephotic technology allows people to see and converse with one another. Mr. and Mrs. Bennett had planned to eat lunch at the same time, and they were able to see and talk to each other via phonotelephote. This example shows another benefit of technology: even if Mr. and Mrs. Francis are thousands of miles apart, they have the impression of having dined together due to technology.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
ApparatusRefers to an equipment, tool or machine used for a particular purpose
Series A number of things one after another
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