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     ‘Good!’ he exclaimed. ‘Hurry up and tell the reportage service about it. You know what a passion the public has for these astronomical questions. I’m anxious for the news to appear in today’s issue!’
     The next room, a broad gallery about a quarter of a mile long, was devoted to publicity, and it well may be imagined what the publicity for such a journal as the Earth Herald had to be. It brought in a daily average of three million dollars. They are gigantic signs reflected on the clouds, so large that they can be seen all over a whole country. From that gallery a thousand projectors were unceasingly employed in sending to the clouds, on which they were reproduced in colour, these inordinate advertisements.
Francis was pleased to learn about the new finding and its precise calculations of how long it takes for Gandhini to orbit around the sun. He expressed his appreciation for the discovery and requested that the astronomers inform the reporting service team about the details of the new planet 'Gandhini' so that it might be reported as soon as possible. Francis stated this because, according to him, astronomical questions pique the public's interest. Francis also expected the news to be broadcasted the following day.
The next room after the astronomical lab was a large gallery space that was nearly a quarter-mile long and was solely for advertising. Advertisements are required even in small newspapers with low circulation. As a result, one might understand how difficult it would be for the world's largest newspaper, such as the 'Earth Herald,' to make a daily average of three million dollars. Earth Herald advertises not just in newspapers and on television channels, but on clouds. They're huge mirrored signs in the sky that can be seen from all around the country. Thousands of projectors were utilised all the time from that quarter-mile-long gallery to convey those massive advertisements to the sky, where they were replicated in colour.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
ExclaimTo speak suddenly and loudly because you are surprised
AnxiousWorried, scared or tensed of something
GalleryRefers to a building or room used for a particular purpose
UnceasingRefers to continuation which is unlikely to stop
ProjectorA piece of equipment that projects pictures or films
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