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     ‘On the face it turns towards us, at any rate, Mr Bennett. Who knows whether on the other side…’
     ‘Well, there’s a very simple method of finding out.’
     ‘And that is?’
     ‘To turn the moon round!’
     And that very day, the scientists of the Bennett factory started working out some mechanical means of turning our satellite right round.
     On the whole, Francis Bennett had reason to be satisfied. One of the Earth Herald’s astronomers had just determined the elements of the new planet Gandini.  It is at a distance of 12,841,348,284,623 metres and 7 decimetres that this planet describes its orbit round the sun in 572  years, 194 days, 12 hours, 43 minutes, 9.8  seconds. Francis Bennett was delighted  with such precision.
Mr. Cash argued with Francis that no signals had been received from one half of the Moon, implying that there were no human beings. However, he assumed that the same could be true on the other side and that there were better chances for people to survive there. When Francis heard this, he suggested to Cash that they shift the satellite to the other side to solve the problem. As a result, scientists at Francis Bennett's factory began working on the idea of turning the satellite to the other side that same day.
Francis initially appeared dissatisfied because there were no new messages to broadcast from astronomical reporters. Francis Bennett, on the other hand, had reason to be pleased after some time because there had been news of a new astronomical discovery. One of the Earth Herald's astronomers had started figuring out the elements of the new planet Gandini. That planet (Gandhini) circles the sun every 572 years, 194 days, 12 hours, 43 minutes, and 9.8 seconds at a distance of 12,841,348,284,623 metres and 7 decimeters. Francis Bennett was delighted at the new astrological prediction and the precise information on the new planet 'Gandhini.'
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
DetermineA firm decision to do something
A curved path in which objects revolve around the sun, moon, stars etc.
PrecisionBeing very accurate and careful
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