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     ‘Nothing so far! We haven’t been able to understand the signals the Jovians make. Perhaps ours haven’t reached them? ….’
     ‘Aren’t you getting some result from the moon, at any rate?’
     ‘Not yet, Mr Bennett.’
     ‘Well, this time, you can’t blame optical science! The moon is six hundred times nearer than Mars, and yet our correspondence service is in regular operation with Mars. It can’t be telescopes  we need…’
     ‘No, it’s the inhabitants,’ Corley replied. ‘You dare tell me that the moon is uninhabited?’
Mr.Cash answered Francis that they had not yet received any communication from Jupiter and explained why they hadn't received any messages from Jupiter. The astronomical reporters were unable to understand the signals sent by the Jovians, and he added it was owing to the astronomers' signal from 'Earth Herald' not reaching them. The term 'Jovians' refers to people who reside on Jupiter.
'Moon' was the subject of Francis' second question to Mr. Cash. Mr. Cash said, 'none,' when Francis asked whether there had been any updates from the moon since there had been no messages from the 'Jupiter already.'
Francis told Cash that they couldn't blame optical science, and he looked unconvinced by Cash's response. The fact that the moon is 600 times closer to Earth than Mars supported Francis' argument. And, if Earth Herald's communications had been able to reach Mars, connecting with the moon might have been even simpler. As a result, optical science cannot be blamed. 'Optics' refers to the scientific study of 'sight and light'.
During Cash and Francis' talk, another reporter named Corley also said it was because of the natives. 'Did Corley mean that people don't live on the Moon?' Francis asked, interrupting Corley's argument. Francis' enraged query implies that there are people on the Moon. In general, there is no evidence of people living on the moon till recently. Also, since the planet 'Jupiter' is entirely made of hydrogen and helium gas, it has a hot atmosphere, which causes people to float freely on Jupiter if we try to land on it. In addition, unlike Earth, Jupiter does not contain oxygen.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
Correspondence Communication through letters, email, etc.
UninhabitedNot occupied or lived in by people
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