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     Thus the subscribers have not only the story but the sight of these events.
     Francis Bennett questioned one of the ten astronomical reporters – a service which was growing because of the recent discoveries in the stellar world.
     ‘Well, Cash, what have you got?’
     ‘Phototelegrams from Mercury, Venus  and Mars, Sir.’
     ‘Interesting! And Jupiter?’
The news was broadcasted to viewers simultaneously with the sight of the events so that people could see what was going on in different parts of the world. There were several astronomical reporters among the general news reporters, and Francis Bennett began his interaction with one of those astronomical reporters about the stellar world. It appears that there have been recent discoveries in the stellar world, and as a result, the 'Earth Herald' newspaper has begun to share updates on or about the stellar world with its viewers.
Mr. Cash, an astronomy reporter, was the person with whom Francis Benett had begun a conversation. Francis began to inquire about the stellar world service, to which Cash replied that he had received phototelegrams from Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Following that, Francis expressed his curiosity about it and asked him whether he had received any signals from 'Jupiter.'
As previously mentioned, since the events in this story take place in the year \(2889\), technological marvels appear to be a common thing for people. Yet, it appears to be too much for our period, as science had not yet progressed to the point where we could receive frequent phototelegrams from other planets.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
Stellar Consisting or relating to stars
AstronomyRefers to the scientific study of stars
SubscriberA person who pays to newspaper or magazine to use its service
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