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     His name, spoken by that sweet voice, gave a happier turn to Francis Bennett’s mood. He quickly jumped out of bed and went into his mechanized dressing room. Two minutes later, without needing the help of a valet, the machine deposited him, washed, shaved, shod, dressed and buttoned from top to toe, on the threshold of his office. The day’s work was going to begin.
     Francis Bennett went on into the reporters’ room. His fifteen hundred reporters, placed before an equal number of telephones, were passing on to subscribers the news which had come in during the night from the four quarters of the earth. In addition to his telephone, each reporter has in front of him a series of commutators, which allow him to get into communication with this or that telephotic line.
Francis had become pleased to see his wife on the screen, and when he heard her voice, he felt much more pleased, and his bad mood shifted to a good one. Francis grew further energized after speaking with his wife and headed to his mechanised dressing room to get dressed for work. In less than two minutes, a machine assisted Francis in washing, shaving, dressing from head to toe, and putting on his boots without any human assistance. And so, Francis got ready and arrived at his office in about two minutes. And then, his day's work had begun. Let's take a look at how things are in the year \(2889\).
Francis went into the reporter's room in the 'Earth Herald' office. There were 1500 reporters in that room, all of whom had phones in front of them. They were delivering news to their subscribers from across all four corners. According to the author, each reporter had a commutator in front of them in addition to the phone, which allowed them to change the direction of the alternate telephotic lines and convey the news.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
ValetA male servant who attends to the personal needs of the employer
CommutatorsA device to change the direction in which electricity flows
ShodWearing shoes
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