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     Once more he shouldered his burden (how light it seemed now) and hastened down the path, through the shadows and the moonlight, to the little hut in the valley. Beneath the kitchen floor was a walled closet for food, which was covered and hidden from view. There the son hid his mother, supplying her with everything she needed, continually watching and fearing she would be discovered. Time passed, and he was beginning to feel safe when again the governor sent forth heralds bearing an unreasonable order, seemingly as a boast of his power. His demand was that his subjects should present him with a rope of ashes.
The farmer was ready to take on the burden of his beloved mother once again. He hurried down from the mountain, through the shadows and moonlight, to his small hut at the mountain's foot. The poor farmer decided to hide his mother beneath the kitchen floor in his small hut. The farmer used to keep food in a closed cupboard beneath the kitchen floor. He kept her hidden inside the cupboard since it was covered and hidden from view. He gave her everything she needed. However, he was terrified, and he kept checking to see if anyone had found her existence.
Days passed. Nobody noticed the farmer's mother from his hut, so the poor farmer stopped worrying and felt relieved. The Shining's dictatorial ruler had issued yet another illogical or meaningless order, demonstrating his power. And that absurd order was for his subjects to present him with a rope made of ashes.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
Closet A large cupboard for storing things 
Herald Messengers who deliver government orders to the general people
HidTo prevent something from being seen
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