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     But his mother had looked anxiously along the dike road many times since sunset for her little boy, and now she had closed and locked the cottage door, thinking that Peter was spending the night with his blind friend, and that she would scold him in the morning for staying away  from home without permission. Peter tried to whistle, but his teeth chattered with the cold. He thought of his brother and sister in their warm beds, and of his dear father and mother. “I must not let them be drowned,” he thought. “I must stay here until someone comes, if I have to stay all night.”
Peter's mother anxiously awaited his return as he was told to return before dark. She became anxious as Peter did not return home and so she kept watching the dike road waiting for him to arrive since nightfall. But, as the night grew darker, she assumed Peter had decided to stay with his blind companion. She'd then shut the cottage door, intending to scold Peter the next morning for staying at his friend's house without permission.
Peter, on the other hand, got stuck in his effort as nobody was near to help him, and so he tried to whistle to call for help, but the cold made his teeth chatter. While a whistling sound is louder than a typical human voice, it also indicates that someone requires assistance.
The little boy thought of his brother and sister, as well as his dear father and mother, who would sleep well that night in their warm beds. Despite feeling cold, he convinced himself that allowing the water to reach Holland would result in the drowning of his family members. Peter's persona exhibits more responsibility, affection, determination, and courage, despite his young age. He made the decision to stay in the same place until another person arrived, even if it meant staying the entire night.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
AnxiousNervous or worried
DrownTo die or cause to die in water
State Council of Educational Research and Training (2018). English Standard-10. The Little Hero of Holland- Mary Mapes Dodge (pp. 183-185). Published by the Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation