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     “Oho!” he said to himself. “The angry waters must stay back now. I can keep them back with my finger. Holland shall not be drowned while I am here.”
     This was all very well at first, but soon it grew dark and cold. The little fellow shouted and screamed. “Come here; come  here,” he called. But no one heard him; no one came to help him.
     It grew still colder, and his arm ached, and began to grow stiff and numb.
     He shouted again. “Will no one come? Mother! Mother!”
After closing the hole, Peter happily told himself that the angry sea water could not enter the land since he had closed the water-leaking hole with his finger. He was so determined about preventing water from entering Holland that he told himself, "Holland shall not drown while I am here."

Peter was only eight years old at the time. Despite his confidence and determination, he was too young to keep up his effort to close the dike hole. He was at first unconcerned, but as time passed, it grew too dark and cold for him.

Peter, who was only eight years old at the time, required assistance in handling the water leakage from the dike. He cried and yelled, but no one responded since no one heard him. After a few hours, Peter's hand began to hurt from the cold water and eventually went stiff and numb. He couldn't bear the cold and ache in his hands as the temperature dropped with the flow of time. He didn't give up, though. “Will no one come? "Mother, Mother," he screamed once again. No one came to his aid because no one had heard of him on that dark, lonely night.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
ScreamTo cry out loudly on a high note
NumbNot able to move or feel
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