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     One afternoon in the early fall, when Peter was eight years old, his mother called him from his play. “Come, Peter,” she said. “I want you to go across the dike and take these cakes to your friend, the blind man. If you go quickly, and do not stop to play, you will be home again before dark.”
     The little boy was glad to go on such an errand, and started off with a light heart. He stayed with the poor blind man a little while to tell him about his walk along the dike and about the sun and the  flowers and the ships far out at sea. Then he remembered his mother’s wish that he should return before dark and, bidding his friend goodbye, he set out for home.
It was a beautiful autumn day. Peter's mother had given him a task while he was playing on that day afternoon. As Peter was eight years old, he was mature enough to complete the task assigned by his mother. She tasked him with delivering cakes to a blind man who lived across the dike and is a friend of Peter's. She also told him that  Peter would be able to reach home before dark if he travelled quickly and did not spend more time playing with his blind friend.
The 'autumn season,' which occurs between summer and winter, is referred to as 'fall.'
Peter was overjoyed to see his friend and eagerly began his trek. He arrived at his friend's house and spent some time talking to the poor blind man about his trip along the dike, the sun, the flowers, and the distant ships. He then remembered his mother's warning that if he didn't spend time with his friend, he might return before dusk. After saying his goodbyes to his friend, he resumed his trek back to his house.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
ErrandA short journey taken to complete a specific task
Set out To leave on a journey
Light heartA feeling of happiness
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