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     As he walked along he sometimes stopped to pick the pretty blue flowers that grew beside the road, or to listen to the rabbits´soft tread as they rustled through the grass. But oftener he smiled as he thought of his visit to the poor blind man who had so few pleasures and was always so glad to see him.
     Suddenly he noticed that the sun was setting, and that it was growing  dark. “Mother will be watching for me,”  he thought, and he began to run toward home.
Peter started early from his friend's house, as per his mother's advice, but he didn't follow it completely. It's because he used to stop in the middle of the road to pick the gorgeous blue flowers that grew alongside the road, or to listen to the rabbits' soft tread as they rustled through the grass. But when he remembered his visit to the poor blind man who had so few pleasures in life and was always pleased to see him, he grinned even more.
The poor blind friend had few comforts, one of which appeared to be his meeting with Peter. On the other side, Peter was overjoyed to be spending time with his friend.
He had forgotten one thing while spending time in nature. It was the fact that the sun was lowering and the sky was becoming darker. He knew his mother would be waiting for him and worried that he wouldn't make it home on time; in fact, she had previously warned him not to waste time playing so that he could get home on time and so he ran forward as quickly as he could.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
RustleTo make a soft sound
PleasureA pleased feeling or satisfaction
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