“Of course that's true,” said Mulan. “He is too little. But I have an idea.” She poured her father a cup of tea and handed it to him. “Father, have some tea. Please sit for a minute. I will be right back.”
     "Very well, dear," said the father.
     Mulan went into her room. With her sword, she cut off her long, black hair. She put on her father’s robe. Going back to her father, Mulan said, “Look at me. I am your son now. I will go in your place. I will do my part for China.”
Mulan agreed with her father's argument that her younger brother was a small child who could not be sent to a battleground. Nonetheless, she was concerned about her father's age and illness. As a result, she devised a plan. She handed her father a cup of tea and told him she'd be back in a moment. Mulan's father had no idea what her daughter was planning and decided to let her do it.

Mulan entered her room and closed the door behind her. Her long, black hair was chopped off with her sword. After that, she wore her father's outfit. What a fantastic idea! Mulan looked like a man in her father's robe and her haircut. In general, every woman considers her hair one of the most important aspects of her look and charm. Mulan's sacrifice (chopping her hair) demonstrated her determination and dedication.
Mulan then told her father that she was his son and that she could therefore join the Chinese army on his behalf with her disguised appearance. As a dutiful Chinese citizen and a member of her family, she wants to perform her duty. She was determined to do her part to help China.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
Handed To pass or give something to someone
Will be right backWill return shortly
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