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     “No, my daughter!” said the old man. “You cannot do this!”
     “Father, listen please," said Mulan. “For years, you trained me in Kung Fu. You showed me how to use a sword.” Mulan swung the sword back and forth with might.
     “Only so that you could stay safe!” said her father. “I never meant for you to go to war. If they find out you are a woman, you know as well as I do that you will die!”
Mulan tried but failed to convince her father, as he refused to let her join the army. So, she attempted to reassure him that she would not be harmed due to her decision because she had been trained in Kung Fu for years by her father. Mulan's father also taught her how to use a sword. As a result, she had no reservations about joining the army on his behalf. She swung the sword back and forth fiercely in front of her father to demonstrate her sword fighting prowess. On the other hand, Mulan's father said that he trained her in Kung Fu and sword fighting to keep her safe and that he had never intended for her to use them in a battle.
Mulan's father had a reason for not allowing her to join the army. He was concerned about her joining the army because old China did not have a custom of permitting women to serve in the army. As a result, he was afraid that if they discovered Mulan was a woman, she would be killed. 
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
Kung FuA Chinese style of fighting
Back and forth Repeatedly moving in all the directions
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