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"The Tempest" is an extract taken from Charles and Mary Lamb's "Tales from Shakespeare." The lesson is about an old man named Prospero and his lovely daughter Miranda who lived on an island. Prospero had a magical wand, and with the help of that, he had freed the good spirits from a witch named Sycorax. Ariel (a good spirit) obeyed Prospero's directions, and he did as he wished. Prospero once showed his daughter that he had caused a storm in the middle of the sea. He also mentioned that there were human beings like them on the ship. After hearing that, Miranda asked her father to stop it and inquired why he had made it. At that time, Prospero said that his brother Antonio betrayed him and he had taken control of his kingdom with the help of the King of Naples. They tried to drown Prospero and his daughter in the sea. But Prospero and his daughter escaped from it with the help of an old man Gonzalo.
While Prospero was talking to Miranda, Ariel appeared in front of Prospero to say what happened in the sea. Ariel said that the people on the ship were safe on the island. When Ferdinand arrived at the shore, he saw none of his companions was there. Afterwards, he met Miranda, and both of them were drawn to each other's beauty. Prospero then decided to test Ferdinand's love for his daughter. He gave many laborious works, and Ferdinand won every task. Meanwhile, Ariel came in front of Prospero to explain what he had done to make Antonio and the King of Naples fear him. Ariel appeared in front of them like a harpy monster recounted what Antonio and the King of Naples did for Prospero. Later, they realised their wickedness and sought an apology for the mistake they had made. Prospero then forgave them and showed them that Ferdinand was alive. At last, Prospero promised them that he would return to the palace the next day and allowed Ariel to live freely.