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     ‘Come on then, Zigzag,’ called Dr.Krishnan nervously, wondering how he would locate Somu’s cook, Visu.


     ‘Er, why don’t you wait in the car, Zigzag?’ he suggested. When they reached his clinic, his heart sinking at the thought of Zigzag’s ear-shatteringly loud snore adding to the din of the sobs and shrieks produced by the tiny patients waiting for him.


     But Ziggy-Zagga-King-of-the-Tonga was not accustomed to being kept waiting and was already making his way to the clinic where he perched himself on the nurse’s reception table.



As Mrs. Krishnan was so adamant about sending Zigzag out of her house, Dr. Krishnan had no choice but to take Zigzag. He nervously called out Zigzag's name, worried about locating Somu's cook, Visu, and handed over Zigzag to him. He also warned Zigzag not to enter his clinic and wait in his car. When he arrived at his clinic, he was so frightened that his heart began to sink as he imagined Zigzag's ear-shatteringly loud snore mixed with the sound of the kids' screams and shrieks. As the author stated at the story's beginning, Dr. Krishnan's clinic would sound like a Chinese torture chamber. So, with Zigzag's snoring sound and Kids' sound, one can imagine how terrible the scenario would be at Mr. Krishnan's clinic.


Though Dr. Krishnan had suggested that Ziggy-Zagga-King-of-the-Tonga (Zigzag) should stay inside the car, Zigzag did not listen to him. It took off and landed on the nurse's reception table at Krishnan's clinic.

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