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     On the seventh day, Dr.Somu’s e-mail arrived. It was, as Dr.Krishnan predicted, ridiculously simple. It read:

I’ve never heard Zigzag snore. In fact, Zigzag hardly ever sleeps.




P.S. If you’re ­finding it difficult, ask my cook Visu to keep Zigzag.

      ‘That does it,’said Mrs.Krishnan. ‘Find Visu! I will not keep Zigzag here another minute!’


     ‘Calm down, dear, I’m leaving for my clinic now. Can’t it wait till… 


     ‘No, it’s now!’ Mrs.Krishnan was adamant. ‘I’ve invited some friends and are experts to come home and choose my paintings for the exhibition. This feathered, snoring monster will drive us all mad!’




Although over six days had passed, Dr. Somu had not responded to Mr. Krishnan's email regarding Zigzag's snoring. And on the seventh day, he received an email from Dr. Somu containing a simple message. In that email, Dr. Somu mentioned that Zigzag doesn't sleep much and has never heard it snore. Somu also added a P.S. message in the mail to search for Visu's place and advising Krishnan's family to send Zigzag along if things had been hard for them. In this context, the initials P. S. stand for "postscript." A postscript is a note attached to the end of a message.


Mrs. Krishnan began pressuring her husband to look for Visu as soon as she read Somu's response. She was already thinking of chasing Zigzag from their home, and Dr. Somu's response only added fuel to the fire. She didn't even wait for her husband to return from his clinic; instead, she demanded that he take Zigzag with him when he left home. She was adamant about sending Zigzag with her husband right then and there, since she had invited some of her friends and painting experts to select the best paintings by Mrs. Krishnan for her next painting exhibition. As a result, she was concerned that the snoring, feathery monster (Zigzag) would ruin the moment. As a result, Dr. Krishnan had no option but to take Zigzag to him.


Meanings of difficult words:


S. No
PredictTo guess what will happen in future
MonsterRefers to a large or strange creature



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