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     ‘Don’t worry,’ he reassured his downcast family. ‘Somu will reply soon and we’ll discover there’s some ridiculously simple way to stop Zigzag from snoring.
     Six days passed. Six frantic days of checking their e-mail day and night. Six torturous days of having the deafeningly loud KNGRRDRRWHEEZE resound in their home, most nerve wrackingly. Maya complained that she heard a permanent rumbling sound in her ears even when she  was miles away from home and that her ears ached all the time. Arvind confessed that, for the first time in his life, he was actually looking forward to going to school considering it was as calm as a monastery compared to their house. Mrs. Krishnan had lost interest in painting. Zigzag would sometimes wake up briefly when he wanted to eat some fruit, and sometimes he would sit on the veranda looking sulky and bored as he stared at the sunset at Marina beach- the real view, not the painting lying forlorn in one corner, ruined by streaks of hardening papaya. Zigzag never spoke to anyone, though everyone tried several times, and in several languages, to speak to him kindly. He only slept. And snored.
When Dr. Krishnan returned to his house, he comforted his family, who had been saddened by Zigzag, that Somu would respond to his email as soon as possible. They'll then know how to stop Zigzag from snoring in a simple way. But, Dr. Somu, on the other hand, did not respond for six days. Mr. Krishan kept checking his email at all hours of the day and night, hoping for Dr. Somu's response on how to stop Zigzag's snoring. Also, those six days of hearing the deafeningly loud KNGRRDRRWHEEZE echo throughout their home sounded painful and nerve-wracking. Maya claimed that she had become accustomed to having a continual rumbling sound in her ears and that her ears ached all the time, even when she was thousands of miles away from home, since she had become accustomed to it.
However, one benefit of Zigzag's snoring was that Arvind began to look forward to coming to school as he felt it was as peaceful as a monastery compared to their home. Aside from that, worse things had happened, such as Mrs. Krishnan losing interest in her painting and, as previously indicated, Maya having the impression of permanently hearing Zigzag's snore..
Zigzag hardly ever woke up except to eat, or to sit on the veranda looking sulky and bored as he gazed at the sunset at Marina Beach. "Marina beach" here refers to the real beach and not Mrs. Krishnan's painting, which was kept in a corner as it was spoiled with the streaks of hardening papaya. Everyone from Krishnan's family tried several times and in several languages, and spoke kindly with Zigzag but it never spoke to anyone. It only slept and snored.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
Frantic Extremely frightened or worried
Ridiculous Very silly or laughable
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