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     And through all this commotion, Zigzag slept on unconcerned. And snored on.
     Finally, an exhausted Mrs. Krishnan rang up her husband. I’am going crazy with the sound of Zigzag snoring, plus all these angry telephone calls. And my beautiful painting…’ Here her voice cracked. ‘You know Mrs.Jhunjhunwala, the art critic who lives upstairs, well, she heard Zigzag snoring and had the cheek to telephone and ask me whether I could sing a little softly when I took my singing lessons. Please contact Somu and find out what we should do.’
     Dr.Krishnan came home as fast as he could after he had left an e-mail message for Somu, asking him for clear instructions on how to stop Zigzag from snoring.
Regardless of what was happening, Zigzag continued to sleep and snore unaffected. Finally, Mrs. Krishnan, fed up with the snoring noise in her home, called her husband and explained how Zigzag's snoring and the complaints of her neighbours had driven her crazy. Her voice cracked as she attempted to explain how Zigzag had spoiled her beautiful painting. Also, she told her husband about Mrs. Jhunjhunwala's sarcastic complaint and how Mrs. Krishnan was requested to sing a little softly when she took her singing lessons. Mrs. Jhunjhunwala, an art critic, resided upstairs in the same apartment as Krishnan's family.
Dr. Krishnan went to his house as soon as he heard about those incidents. Before starting, he also sent an email to Dr. Somu, requesting clear instructions to get Zigzag to stop snoring.
Meanings of difficult words:
S. No.
ExhaustVery tired
State Council of Educational Research and Training (2018). Term 1 English Standard-10. Zigzag - Asha Nehemiah (pp. 50-55). Published by the Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation.