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     They froze in horror. Lakshmi had apparently switched on the fan on which Zigzag had left some fruit and nuts. Half-pecked fruit streamed off the fan, dampening even Lakshmi’s enthusiasm as a guava landed on her cheek with a soft squish and one walnut hit her forehead with a loud smack. One slice of over-ripe papaya came whizzing off the fan and, as they watched it helplessly, it oh horrors splattered all over Mrs. Krishnan’s unfinished masterpiece, sunset at Marina, spreading streaks of gooey orange pulp and shiny black seeds all over it.
     Mrs. Krishnan groaned tragically and looked ready to shoot Zigzag, but he was saved by the bell. The telephone bell! They answered one call after another as all the neighbours rang upto demand what the awful kngrrdrrwheeze sound was and if they could please have some peace.
Krishnan's family were frozen in dread when Lakshmi told them that papayas and bananas were showering in their home. Zigzag was the cause of the fruit rain. Lakshmi had no idea who Zigzag was or what it had done at Krishnan's residence (transferring fruits and nuts on the fan).
Zigzag had already kept the fruits and nuts that Arvind had given on the fan. So, when Lakshmi turned on the fan, the fruits began to fall down. And Lakshmi, who was unaware of the events following the fruit rain, regarded it as a blessing and was overjoyed.
A guava fell lightly on Lakshmi's cheek, and a walnut struck her in the face, taking a toll on her joy. That wasn't the end of it. Those fruits sprayed all over the house, leaving streaks of sticky orange pulp and sparkling black seeds on Mrs. Krishnan's unfinished painting named 'Sunset at marina'.
Unfortunately, the artwork was, after all, Mrs. Krishnan's masterpiece. Everyone felt helpless in that situation, unable to save such a beautiful painting.
Mrs. Krishnan couldn't afford to have her painting spoiled. She was at the verge of anger that she was ready to even shoot Zigzag. Just then their telephone rang, which saved Zigzag temporarily from Mrs. Krishnan's anger. And the call was from Krishnan's neighbours. And they called one after another to demand an explanation behind the weird, awful sound (kngrrdrrwheeze) which came from Krishnan's house and pleaded for some peace.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
Apparently Used to say something that appears to be true though not real
PeckTo eat or bite something with beak
Dampen To make something less strong
SplatterTo scatter something on to a surface of something
GroanA deep, long sound that shows pain
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