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     In total despair at their failure to wake Zigzag, or at least stop him snoring, they shut themselves in the bedroom that was furthest away from Mrs.Krishnan’s studio where Zigzag was creating the  terrible din. Mrs.Krishnan was just unraveling a roll of cotton wool to stuff in her ears, when they heard their maid, Lakshmi, shrieking as if she had been electrocuted.
     Hearts hammering, they rushed to the studio to find Lakshmi dancing and clapping her hands excitedly as she yelled,  ‘We’ ve been blessed! We’ve been truly blessed! It’s raining papayas and bananas in this room!’
Maya and Arvind gave up hope of stopping Zigzag from snoring after all of their attempts to rouse him up failed miserably. As a result, they locked themselves in the bedroom farthest from Mrs. Krishnan's studio, where Zigzag was causing the terrible noise.
Lakshmi, Krishnan's maid, arrived at their home as his family members headed into their bedrooms. She had no idea about Zigzag. When Mrs. Krishnan was unwinding a ball of cotton wool to cram in her ears to escape Zigzag's noises, she heard Lakshmi screaming as if she had been electrocuted.
Mrs. Krishnan's family was startled by their maid's scream, and they all ran to the studio, their hearts pounding, to see Lakshmi dancing and clapping her hands joyfully as she said, "We've been blessed! We've been truly blessed!" She also informed them that papayas and bananas were raining in that room. Everyone was taken aback when Lakshmi stated what happened.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
Despair Hopeless state
Electrocuted Killing someone by causing electricity flow through their body
ShriekTo make a sharp, loud noise
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