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     In vain did they try to wake the snoring bird. ‘Twenty-one languages, he’s supposed to know!’ snorted Mrs.Krishnan. ‘Yet this bird chooses to communicate only in snorish, snorese, snorian, snorihili, snoralu…’
     ‘I thought it was scientific fact that birds couldn’t snore,’ said Maya, trying to squirt water from a small water pistol at Zigzag to wake him and wetting most of the curtains, the walls and a sofa instead.
     African witch doctor’s birds don’t obey scientific rules.’ Arvind was annoyed that his best imitations of a raging lion, a hungry hyena and a ferocious dog had  failed to draw Zigzag out of his deep slumber. Now he tried his loudest, most frightening coyote call.
     But Zigzag slept on undisturbed. And snored on.
Despite everyone's efforts to wake Zigzag, it continued to sleep and snore. Mrs. Krishnan's rage had grown as she made the humorous statement that a bird who was said to speak twenty-one languages had chosen to communicate through snoring (snorish, snorese, snorian, snorihili, snoralusd). Maya, on the other hand, was so sure that she claimed that birds don't snore in general and sought to wake Zigzag up. She used her little water pistol to squirt water on Zigzag in an attempt to wake it up. However, her efforts were fruitless because, instead of waking up Zigzag, she had soaked the drapes, the walls, and a sofa.
Mrs. Krishnan mocked Somu's gift once more, stating satirically that "African witch doctor's birds don't follow scientific laws." She made a sarcastic remark about Zigzag's upbringing. Arvind, too, gave it his all by imitating a rampaging lion, a ravenous hyena, and a vicious dog. He even pretended to be a coyote. A coyote is a North American wild dog that looks similar to a wolf. But nothing worked out since Zigzag's snoring continued uninterrupted.
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