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     And what about the aboriginal boomerang Uncle Somu brought us all the way from Australia?’ demanded Arvind. ‘You can’t deny that it was a great hit with everyone.’
     ‘Great hit indeed!’ Mrs. Krishnan didn’t bother to hide her sarcasm and continued, ‘Considering that the boomerang sliced through all the TV aerials in the neighbourhood, caused permanent damage to several cars in the parking lot, and knocked out our watchman cold, with the force you threw it.
When Mrs. Krishnan finished her sarcastic remark about the penknife, Arvind began to protest once more, citing another gift from Uncle Somu, the 'Boomerang' (A boomerang is a curved piece of wood that serves as a playing tool and returns to you when thrown in the proper manner. It is well-known as a hunting weapon used by some Aboriginal Australians).
Mrs. Krishnan sarcastically said that the 'Boomerang' was a great trouble, while Arvind protested that it was enjoyed by everyone. And Arvind began hurling it with such force that it sliced through all of the TV aerials in the neighbourhood and permanently damaged the cars in the parking lot. It had also knocked Krishnan's watchman down cold.
Three points emerge from Krishnan's family talk.
1. Dr. Somu frequently travels to different regions of the world, and he also gives frequent gifts to Krishnan's family.
2. Dr. Somu's gifts, while given with the intention of assisting Krishnan's family, became a burden at times and caused problems at other times due to the way they were handled. A penknife, for example, should be folded and stored when not in use. Maya was also a child, and it was not appropriate for her to carry it all the time, as it ruined and tore her outfits. A boomerang can be played in a playground or other open area that is free of breakable objects.
3. Mrs. Krishnan was constantly under the impression that Dr. Somu's gifts were causing her a lot of problems.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No,
IndeedIn reality
DenyRefers to refusing something
SarcasmRefers to mocking at someone or something in a humorous way
Knock out To hit somebody unconscious by hitting them
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