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     ‘Ma!’ protested Arvind, ‘That’s not really true. Uncle Somu’s given us some really fabulous gifts.’
     ‘Right! Remember the tiny penknife he gave me last year, the one with a genuine shark’s tooth blade. That’s been really useful,’ Maya joined the protest.
     ‘No one but you, Maya,’ Mrs. Krishnan told her daughter sternly, ‘would describe  a penknife that has cut open the pockets of three skirts and two pairs of jeans as really useful.’
When Mrs. Krishnan was arguing that Dr. Somu's gifts were real nuisances instead of being helpful, her son Arvind interrupted in between. He contended that what Mrs. Krishnan said was false and that Dr. Somu's presents were all fantastic. Maya agreed with her brother's position and backed Dr. Somu, citing a penknife that Dr. Somu had given to the Krishnan family as an example.
Mrs. Krishnan, on the other hand, did not withdraw her point, and when Maya used the penknife as an example, her argument became much more powerful. In a sarcastic tone, Mrs. Krishnan began to describe what the penknife had done to their family. She sarcastically pointed out that it (the penknife) had cut open the pockets of three skirts and two pairs of trousers to demonstrate how irritating Somu's present was, as the penknife was so sharp due to the fact that it was made out of shark's teeth.
This argument brings out two things.
1. Mrs. Krishnan was not ready to accept Zigzag
2. Other members of Krishnan's family, with the exception of Mrs. Krishnan, were willing to accept the zigzag.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
ProtestTo disapprove something
Fabulous Refers to something great or unusual
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