Somu might be your best friend, but most of these so called “favourite” possessions that he has given us were absolute nuisances!’ countered Mrs. Krishnan angrily. A talented artist, she applied a dab of yellow-ochre paint onto her painting titled Sunset at Marina, paused for a moment to survey the effect  and then continued, ‘Remember the rare insect-eating plant he brought back from the wettest corner of the Amazonian rainforest! He insisted that we keep it because it would eat the mosquitoes in the house and now that wretched plant requires a room heater to keep it alive in Chennai!’
Mrs. Krishnan began to speak soon after Dr Krishnan had stopped talking about Zigzag. Mrs. Krishnan was angry with Dr Krishnan and told him that, even though Dr Somu was his best friend, she couldn't tolerate allowing his pets into her home. According to Mrs. Krishnan, most of Dr. Somu's "favourite" possessions (pets) had been an absolute nuisance. And she had a bad experience with his prior pets and gifts. She was furious when the topic of Zigzag came up for discussion in front of the family.
Mrs. Krishnan was a brilliant artist. She was engaged in completing a painting. The title of the painting was Sunset at Marina; she was putting a dab of yellow-ochre paint when the conversation about Zigzag was going on. She paused for a movement to see the impact of the colour in her painting and continued the conversation. They discussed the incidents in Krishnan's home that happened due to Somu's gifts.
Then she recalled the strange insect-eating plant Dr. Somu had bought back from the wettest area of the Amazonian rainforest. He presented it to Dr. Krishnan, saying that the insect-eating plant would eat all the mosquitoes in Krishnan's home. But, Krishnan's family also had to bring a room heater to keep the plant alive during the hot Chennai summers. Most insect-eating plants become dormant in cold weather, and some of them don't come back from it and die, hence room heater was necessary. Mrs. Krishnan emphasised that Somu's insect-eating plant had become a burden rather than a support source.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
Survey To look at or examine something
WretchedRefers to someone or anything you dislike or are upset with
NuisanceSomething that annoys you or creates trouble for you
Possessions Refers to the state of owning or having something
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