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     ‘You’re both quite mistaken,’ their father hastened to explain, seeing his wife’s horrified expression. ‘Zigzag is a  most harmless, unusual and lovable bird.  Apparently, it was bred by a genuine African witch doctor, who gifted it to Somu  when he-------being a child specialist like  me -----------cured the witch doctor’s son  while he was touring the deepest jungles of equatorial Africa last month. Somu says the bird is an absolute treasure and a real help. It’s his favourite pet, you know’.
When Maya and Arvind were trying to figure out what kind of animal or bird Zigzag was, their father, Dr. Krishnan, rushed in to inform them that they were wrong. And there was a reason for his haste. He wanted to put an end to the conversation of Maya and Arvind.
Mrs. Krishnan was shocked by both Maya and Arvind's guesses.
Most people would not want to keep such unusual pets as toxic spitfires or snakes at home, especially if they have children.
Dr. Krishnan was worried that Maya and Arvind's predictions would cause his wife to refuse to allow Zigzag into their home. As a result, he did interrupt his children's conversation and tried to explain to his family that Zigzag, unlike the other pets owned by Dr. Somu, was not poisonous or harmful.
On the contrary, Zigzag was a harmless and lovely pet. Dr. Krishnan further informed them that Zigzag was raised and trained by an African witch doctor. And that witch doctor gave Zigzag to Dr. Somu as a gift for curing his son last month when Dr. Somu was touring the deepest woods of equatorial Africa.
According to Dr. Somu, Zigzag was a rare treasure and would be extremely beneficial. Most importantly, Zigzag was Dr. Somu's favourite of all his pets.
Dr. Krishnan gave a long speech about the positives of Zigzag to persuade his family, particularly Mrs. Krishnan, not to reject it.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
Horrified Shocked or frightened
ApparentlyRefers to something that appears to be true though not confirmed
HastenTo quickly do something
Unusual Not normal
State Council of Educational Research and Training (2018). Term 1 English Standard-10. Zigzag - Asha Nehemiah (pp. 50-55). Published by the Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation.